Do you ever find yourself experiencing ...​​


  • chronic anxiety?

  • the world as if you are looking through glass and not quit being a part of it?     

  • not really being in your body?

  • a knot in your stomach that won't go away?

  • feelings of helplessness or avoidance?

  • thoughts or images about a past painful event that you can't make stop?

  • fear and you are not sure why?

  • chronic headaches/migraines?

  • symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

  • chronic pain?

  • feeling periods of numbing?

  • feeling hypervigilant or easily startled?

  • repeated nightmares?

You don't have to continue to live like this anymore!  There are ways to work with the trauma in the system and it is possible to get relief from symptoms.  

It is sometimes difficult to define "trauma."  Trauma expert, Peter Levine, PhD, explains that trauma happens "when when our ability to respond to a perceived threat is in some way overwhelming."

Trauma effects both the mind and the body

During a traumatic event, the nervous system goes into survival mode (very tense, stressed, and overwhelmed) and sometimes has difficulty reverting back into its normal, relaxed state again.

If the nervous system stays in survival mode too long, the immune system's ability to heal is effected. Physical symptoms start to manifest when the body is in constant distress.

That is why I combine several cutting edge approaches to working with trauma.   I use approaches based on the most recent neuroscience that combine working with the nervous system and the body, as well as the mind.  I believe that complete healing from trauma calls for a holistic and integrative mind-body approach.

Somatic Experiencing©, a body and nervous system-centered therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) , a cognitive therapy, energy techniques such as Emotional Freedome Techniques (EFT), and hypnotherapy, are combined with cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic approaches to ensure all of mind, body, and spirit are released from trauma.  ​

Many people who have experienced a traumatic event, including domestic violence, rape, childhood abuse, have a fairly good psychosocial adjustment.  However, even though someone with a trauma history may be functioning and feeling very well, present day stress and/or trauma can retrigger them all over again. 

It is this later in life retriggering of the trauma that often causes people with a trauma history, great deal of distress in the present day.

If you are wrestling with any of these symptoms; emotional, psychological or physical, help is available.  You can feel better again.  

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