Do you....

Do you...


  • ​​ feel depressed or anxious?

  • repeatedly criticize yourself and the things you do and say?
  • have a life that looks great from the outside, a life you know lots of people would envy, yet you don't feel much satisfaction?  

  • feel something is missing and not in place?

  • ​feel guilty for not feeling happy and content?

  • ruminate over things that go wrong?

  • get irritable or short-tempered at the small things?

  • find yourself less patient with your kids than you'd like?

  • unsatisfied with the relationships in your life?

  • feel overwhelmed, like you are running on a hamster wheel and can never catch up? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then keep readingYOU ARE NOT ALONE!  A lot of people struggle.  Our broader culture doesn't necessarily support emotional health and well-being. 

In fact, the values in our broader culture and the messages we receive (do more, be more, want more, always want more) often encourage the exact opposite!  But your life doesn't have to feel this way.  You can feel better, have better relationships, and feel more satified, content, and even happy!

My clients often thank me for helping them:

  • get off the hamster wheel and create meaning and purpose.

  • stop the endless self-criticism.

  • improve their self-esteem.

  • feel content and happy with their lives.

  • be more authentic.

  • understand not only why they and others do what they do, but understand how to change their sabotaging behavior and how to react to differently to others.

  • to stop viewing everything through a negative lens.

  • experience a level of freedom they hadn't felt before.

  • find and create meaningful and deeply connected romantic relationships.

  • enjoy healthier relationships with friends and family.

You may be seeking short-term therapy to work on a specific life challenge, or longer-term therapy to work on understanding and changing the underlying beliefs, behavioral patterns, or relationship dynamics that are no longer serving you and keep you stuck. Whatever your goals, we work together to customize a holistic plan of care.

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