About Barbara Calvi, LMFT


After spending several years out of college moving up in "the industry," I realized I needed to engage in work that had more meaning and would make a greater difference in the world.  I thought that helping someone overcome their struggles and pain in order to be able to live a happier and fuller life was a good way to spend a life, my life.  I enrolled in a graduate school program in psychological counseling and marriage/family therapy, and I haven't looked back.

I am grateful that I get to do this work every day!  It was the right choice! 

Originally, I worked only with individual adults .  I loved that work, and continue to love that work.  I work with individuals on different issues using a variety of  approaches  which vary with the needs of the unique client.  I was and am thrilled to be able to help people heal and live life more fully, and less painfully.  

Over time I realized so many people suffer from symptoms of trauma.  Whether those symptoms are from a sudden shock trauma like a car accident or assault, or from developmental and attachment trauma, regular talk-oriented psychotherapy models aren't always enough to address this pain.

I began training in a number of trauma-based approaches that I now incorporate into my work when appropriate.  This is precious work; I feel privileged to help clients on their journey to resolving trauma and to healing.  

Along the way, I also realized that no matter how hard some people worked to overcome obstacles, to undo negative and limiting beliefs, to heal the past and be more effective in the present -- if their primary/intimate relationship was painful, they would continue to experience pain. 
Given marriage and divorce statistics – 50% of first marriages and 60% of second marriages end in divorce – there is a whole lot of suffering going on. On top of that, a large percentage of people who stay married say they are not happy.

So I found a training program to work specifically with couples.  (You would think that graduate programs for Marriage and Family Therapists would adequately prepare you to work with couples but they DON'T!)  I became certified in Imago Relationship Therapy, and later in The Developmental Model for Couples.  They are both powerfully transformative models of couples therapy. 

In fact, these models are so powerful in tranforming relationships that my husband and I use methods from both of these models in our own marriage, and have done so for over a decade and a half. 

Incorporating Imago and Developmental Model principles and techniques into our marriage has helped us connect and deepen our relationship in ways I hadn’t anticipated. The personal healing we have both experienced has been profound. And the deepening and growth of our relationship has been a joy. 

Whether you are are considering counseling for yourself because you may be experiencing personal challenges, or for you and your partner because of your relationship struggles, there is help available. 

Take the next step and call now.